How Often Should I Change My Child's Toothbrush?

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Dr. Jennifer Rubin

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The simple answer to this is every 3-4 months or when you see the bristles are frayed.

It’s estimated that well over 100 species and up to 1 million bacteria live in our mouths! Imagine how often your toothbrush removes these, only for them to multiply again the next time you eat or drink something.

Eventually, your toothbrush will become a breeding ground as well.

In addition to the normal flora and resulting plaque, germs and viruses can also move into the mouth and multiply as sinus-based symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and nose blowing occur. Your toothbrush harbors all of them, and reusing it can re-infect you.

Likewise, if the family toothbrushes are stored together, you can be sure that you’re spreading all those germs between everyone.

Even if you store your toothbrush properly and stay healthy, there are still a few things that should prompt you to toss out your brush or electronic brush heads.

These include:

  • Frayed or outward bent bristles
  • Bristle discoloration
  • Build-up of old toothpaste between bristles
  • Missing or loose bristles
  • If you’re sick, once you’re better, get a new brush!

These tips are good to keep in mind for both baby and parents.

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